Friends of Montgomery Street Park

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Park Update & Annual General Meeting Invitation

The Friends of Montgomery Street Park (FoMSP) committee have been working on a few projects in the park over the past few months. Here’s a summary of what we've been up to:

Park Development

Regular litter picks resumed in Autumn 2021. Some have been more popular than others, from just one in attendance to over 20 people! The timings have changed a few times due to weather and individual circumstances. The current schedule is a monthly litter pick on the First Sunday of the Month from 12-1pm. All are welcome to join and chat to current FoMSP committee members.

The wild area in the middle of the circle near the east end has had first pruning. We don't recall the last time the area was trimmed--if you remember, let us know! The plan is to open up the area with small paths. (It will also make it easier to clear out litter that tends to build up in there!) The pile of clippings will be collected by the council at some point.

The park vision continues to be reviewed and redrawn. We hope to have the park drawing out at future litter picks, so people can share and add their ideas!

A new path will be laid connecting the north end of the white steps to the circle path at the east end (a straight path, parallel to the current path along the south side of the park). This will create a complete rectangle of walking paths around the park. The council have kindly agreed to take on this project and will be laying the path in the coming weeks.

Play Park Development

The council has created revised plans for the playpark, with guidance from the FoMSP based on consultation with the local community. We continue to move forward with a final plan when building work can begin!

We are continuing to explore options to see if the Helter Skelter can be saved from demolition. The next step is a thorough inspection from a steelworks company.

Next meeting:

Annual General Meeting: Tue 31st May 2022 8-9:30pm at Elliott House, 10 Hillside Crescent. Please use the 'Reception' Entrance (the old Royal Air Forces Club), where you will need to press the buzzer to enter. Staff inside will direct you to the Study Room, which has kindly been offered to us free of charge. Tea/Coffee will be provided.

All interested in supporting and developing the park are welcome to come along!!

Committee Members: We’re always open to new members joining our team! Send us an email or come along to a litter pick or committee meeting to find out more and get involved.
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