Friends of Montgomery Street Park

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 25 May 2021 @ 20:00-21:30
The meeting will be held on Zoom

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Latest news

The Friends of Montgomery Street Park Committee met in February for their quarterly meeting. Here’s what we talked about:

We’ve been working with Edible Estates (Let’s Grow a Garden Here) to develop a plan for adding more plants in the park, particularly small trees and bushes. If you enjoy planting or gardening, (and would like to help dig some holes!), please send an email!

Litter picking: We haven’t had an organised Litter Picks, but have been loaning out equipment on request. Thank you to those who have taken a turn at picking up litter!! It makes such a difference to the neighbourhood. If you want to take an hour and do some tidying up, just get in touch and we’ll connect you to those storing our equipment.

Playpark: The process of upgrading the playpark has re-started! There was a delay last year, due to Covid, but the council has been in touch to resume discussions. The results from our public consultation were handed over to the council before Covid hit, they have now drawn up a plan, using equipment they have access to, and we are finalising costs and plans. Those interested in being part of the playground committee, which involves meetings online & in the park, consulting with local groups and keeping the public informed, just send us an email.

Council Parks Officer Update: The committee is working with the council in considering new signage, bins, benches and picnic benches in the park. None of this is definite but conversations have begun!

Police Box: The Police Box has a local owner! To find out more, see their Facebook page

Website: Thanks to a fantastic volunteer, we have a website again!

Committee Members: We’re always open to new members joining our team! Send us an email or come along to our next meeting to find out more and get involved.